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I have a PS2 engine that lost sound.  The battery is fine.  When I do the speaker test with a 9 volt battery it only clicks or makes a sound one out of every 5 or 6 times or so when I touch the terminals suggesting some kind of a short.  The yellow and white wire harness with the plug is still connected to the terminals.  Could a short in one of the wires in the harness be the culprit or is the problem likely in the speaker itself?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.


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the speaker should read 4 ohms with a vom volt ohm meter on the continuity test, you should read infinity between case metal and either side of the voice coil. if not speaker coil is shorted to ground  and  will blow the amp and possibly blow the board . speaker should reads 4 ohms if speaker is  ok. sometimes the  speaker opens up no resistance i recently had a ps 2 3volt board the all was wrong was the coil opened up on the speaker. you have to remember ps 2 boards can have amp failure just from a track short. did you try another speaker and see if sound returns. i have 4 ohm 50mm speakers if you need one or you can directly order them from MTH DIRECTLY! the speaker must not be plugged in when you test it!

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