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I have seven different QSI/MTH reverse/sound boards for sale.  All have been bench tested as working, but sold as is.  The sound sets available are:

1) SD40-2

2) S1

3) F3

4) Galloping Goose

5) SOLD!  QS2-5E 315


7) SOLD!  UP9000 (3 cylinder chuff)

Both top and bottom boards are included, and in some cases the board for the tether.  Some boards may require soldering on the wires, so you need to know what you are doing for them.  Pictures of each board is included.

They are $75 each, shipped.20240304_13182720240304_13194320240304_13201120240304_13512320240304_13514820240304_135236


Images (4)
  • 20240304_131827: F3
  • 20240304_131943: S1
  • 20240304_132011: SD40-2
  • 20240304_135123: USRA
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