After almost a decade of work to restore it to operation, R1 103 made its debut in operation on the Holiday Train on December 29th, 2019. This car is unique for having been retrofitted with axiflow-type fans in the 1940s. These do an excellent job at circulating air and cooling the car. This is also the only R1-9 type museum car that has some fiberglass seats. Enjoy!

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It is nice to see that the powers that be are willing to invest in keeping these 85 year old cars in operating condition. I hope that the set of tri-plex cars currently in the East NY Yard will operate again. In the meantime what has been done is to operate the three standard cars with the other a set of the tri-plex cars that are usually kept in the Coney Island yard to make a nice six car train. Bill Wall explained to me what it took to get these six cars train-lined so that they can operate together. Back in 2002 we had a trip that included the three car set of tri-plex cars that are in the transit museum to make a nice nine car train.

Ed Gerson

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