Randall Hudson and Randall Berkshire pulling Glenn's freights

Hello all ....  oiling up the Randall Hudson and Randall Berkshire to run up on the SGMA layout at Trainfest this weekend ..... running on 87"  diameter USA track ...which is the minimum either engine is interested in running on .....need 96" diameter ! .

Hudson built by Henry Dunseith in the 70's using  a Randall casting set from the 30's

Berkshire built by Bob Hendrich in the 1980's  using a Randall Hudson body from the 30's ...but Bob being a master machinist  up graded many components....and it will pull up roots with his superb drive drive .

Come up the trainfest to see them in action pulling 9 Glenn's freight cars 

Cheers Carey  









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Very impressive!  With all those flanged wheels, it's no wonder why your locomotives need very large radius track.  Ever consider modifying those wheels by removing some of the flanges in order to facilitate the locomotives running of smaller radius track? Please be sure to have the SGMA photographer take several videos of the engines running on the SGMA layout!

Bob Nelson 

Hello Bob ...we'll miss you ...and all your layout parts ..& trains ...   Yes I'll take photos and videos ...and even post them ! ...

For my "permanent" layout ...I'll have a loop of 96" diameter ...so the big bad engines will have a place to roam .   

Cut flanges !!!!!  never ....cut down walls for bigger radius ..... yes !!!!   

Cheers Carey


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