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I seem to be late to the party once again. I purchased a MTH 4 car Amfleet set in the late 1990s. I finally opened the set up after a decade or so to set up the cars on my holiday layout in my family room. I can only connect two cars out of four to my E60. Another car will fail soon as the zinc pest has warped the brackets and crumbled the couplers. Might someone have a lead on any remaining DD-0000073 replacement kits? Thank You.

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Crumbling couplers on original MTH Amfleet cars | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum (

This Thread has the details on the replacement kit. I think when I ordered mine From MTH, they were just about out. That was 2016.  You my want to be more specific in your topic to get more eyes on your question. I don't know if there is a work around or if MTH ressued the cars and there are other parts which could be used. 

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I bought the replacement assemblies from MTH (when Midge was still there) in 2020. The part number was DD0000073.

I just searched on the new and they show out of stock. When I got them the last time I had to wait a few months until they did a run of them. You might want to email them and ask if they’ll get more made.

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