This isn't meant to offend anyone if they use brand "X" or prefer the traditional Red "N" Tacky.  That said, I just discovered this at the auto parts store.  Anyone using this?  Seems to me it might be easier to grease the underside (thinking of Lionel where they ask you to remove the screws and apply grease) than putting it in a syringe.?

And maybe this stuff has been around equally as long as what's in the tube?  

Just asking...




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Lou1985 posted:

"Spray Grease" has to be thin, to allow it to spray. Think lithium grease in a spray can. It is not meant to be used like regular grease in a gearbox. DO NOT use it in the same way you would use regular grease. 

it’s definitely a bit thinner than the standard red n tacky however i believe it’s plenty thick enough and comparable to that white trash they ship in these units.  been using it for a few years just found it in the spray can.   makes a noticeable difference in drive lines.

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