I seem to be changing the batteries on my remote quite often.  I get a check track message and the remote goes blank.  I check the voltage on the batteries and they are all at 1.52v.  The new ones are 1.6.  When I replace with new bats everything works again.  Is this a normal situation?

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Cheap batteries that can't handle a load very well??  I use NiMH that have about 1.2 volts and have no problems with the remote.

I had some cheap Sunbeam batteries that would show 1.55 volts without load and would drop to 1.1 volts as soon as I put a 100 Ma load on them.


Did you test battery voltage under load with a bulb?  No Load 1.5V can still be much less under load.  Even on battery bad when in series with 3 others can cause issue.  G

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