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Hello all,

I have an erie PS2 Premier Triplex and I had some work done on it and it came back saying it is a Mikado. Please advise how to change the name to Erie Triplex and how to save as I am having a problem with that. Probably a stupid question but does the engine have to be on a powered up track?

Much thanks, Jerry



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There are two ways to change the engine’s name.

The first is to use the DCS Remote to give it a Custom Name. That will be its name until the engine is Factory Reset.

The second way is to use the Service version of the DCS Loader Program to give it a permanent name, which is what the tech who replaced your engine’s board should have done.



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Hi Barry, 

Pls advise as how to load correct Triplex sounds for my Premier PS2 Triplex I received another message  advising this but it is not showing up on this blog.

Much thanks, Jerry 

PS the transfer table controller I got from you works fine by the way.


You can download a Triplex sound file from the engine’s MTH web page and install it using the Consumer Loader Program, available at no charge from MTH’s web site. Detailed instructions are in The DCS Companion 3rd Edition.

To change the engine’s name permanently requires the Service Loader Program which is available only to MTH techs.



DCS Ambassador & author of The DCS Companion series of books

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Jerry, if you have the ability to pull out the boards i can rewrite the correct name an sound file for you. youll have to send em to me but ill do it at no charge. That's sure sign your tech was not qualified to do the work. You may want to consider finding somebody else as thats a huge miss in my book.

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I love my trains!!!

Thanks very much Manny but I am deathly afraid to pull a board because with my luck I'll blow up our whole neighborhood. Is it possible that you could leave me your telephone number and talk me through reprogramming without pulling the engine apart? Just in case, my telephone number is 734 453 1809. Also I can be contacted at

Again much thanks to everybody for their help, Jerry

This is just a note from another OGR Forum member.....If you are smart, and going to be a MTH Product Customer in the Future, I would Highly advise you to purchase the "DCS Companion 3rd Edition", that Barry B. suggested to you.......I've purchased and donated 2 editions to our Model Railroad Club, and it has paid big dividends, as oppose to running to the local repair shop, that's unless you happen to have more money than good sense.......Buy the Book 1st, then it's just a plug and play, to do anything programming wise with MTH Equipment.......................................Fact! 

To change the name but not the sound file....

Menu/System /Engine set up/ Edit engine/Edit Name/ select the engine and a list of letters comes up on screen,

Name the engine to whatever you want and hit the "D: for done.   

if  the engine is factory reset you'll have to re-add the engine  and  do the name thing over again.

Last time I checked, a feature reset saves the engine's ID but the name  is now  also lost,  After 15 years of retaining the name MTH has screwed it up....  I don't know if version 6 fixed the problem. 

Gregg, thank you very much for your reply. I definitely want to change the name but now I am wondering if the sound is correct? Is there any way to hear a Triplex to try to compare sounds? As you know the triplex is very difficult to unplug and very hard to plug back together. Do I have to unplug anything?. My email is

Thanks again, Jerry

Hello everybody,

I went on YouTube and listen to the whistle and mine is definitely not the right one. Can anybody please tell me without taking the engine apart of possible is there any way to change the sound along with the name. I mean to sound for a correct Triplex. Thank you very much, Jerry


You don't have to take anything apart to change the sound file... However you do need as Barry mentioned above the  DCS  loader along with a sound file  from the MTH web site. It's FREE   .  You'll also need a cable that connects your computer to the TIU. Do you have Barry's book,?  This might be the easiest route to go...  It kind of goes like this... You place the engine on a track with a good dcs signal...Once you get the DCS loader downloaded to your computer you'll find a number of options available... The one you'll need is .. Download file to the engine, and you then follow the on screen directions... It'll tell you what cables to hook up and when etc. Doing it the first time is the hardest. good luck

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