I have a Chicago & North Western Lionchief Plus Rs-3 Diesel #1621 with a cab light that is completely out, whether the train is moving or stopped.

I recently had this engine apart for another problem, which has since been resolved due to generous help of the members on this forum.

However, when I reattached the shell, I made the mistake of putting the cab light Molex connector in the wrong connection on the PCB - I put it into the Boards connection instead. See attached.

I want to remedy, the part seems cheap enough, please advise any help.

I did search the forum for this topic, but I did not see cab light replacement for the LC+ though. 



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For $5.50, I'd buy the replacement.  Of course, there will be $10 shipping...

You might wait until you have a few items to order.  I try to build my orders to Lionel to at least $100 before I pull the trigger, lowers the sting of the shipping.

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