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I purchased replacement marker lights for my die cast switcher. The replacements are the right size and have extensions on their base that have the curve of the boiler. I haven't done this before and was looking for some tips on the best way to mount them right, and adhesive to get them to look good.


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Hi Spider82, 

  I've done many of these both on prewar and postwar switchers. JB Weld is my favorite epoxy. It dries relatively quickly and it holds strong over the years. It is easy to mix, too. Highly recommend JB Weld as part of anyone's workbench. 


Looks like you have a decent, almost flat area to affix the replacement lights to. Maybe take a close-up of each area if you can and repost it. If you could separate the replacement marker light post from the excess material maybe using a Dremel tool if you have one while keeping the part in a vise, I would do it that way, if that makes sense. I would then carefully "butter" the replacement marker post base with the JB Weld and butter the flat area it is being affixed to...use a toothpick to carefully remove any excess epoxy and/or contour the shape before it hardens. 

Send pictures, if you can, when done. 


When I replaced the makers on my 1656 I first used JB Weld. JB Weld will hold them on but still won't absorb a glancing blow like if you brushed against them while picking it up. They are now held on with  Miller Stephenson epoxy (sorry NLA) that is even stronger than JB Weld. I still wouldn't call it kid proof though.

The strongest repair would involve drilling holes in the markers and body for music wire for support. Then using your JB Weld.


I agree with Tom, JB has fixed several of my broken markers, and so far have held up to my glancing blows, you just need to let the item sit for a few days to fully cure. sure to show off that switcher on Switcher Saturday!





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