Rolling my Own Banana Connections

I have been meaning to ask, for quite a while, if anyone knows of a good source for banana connectors with which I can build ("roll my own") connection to my DCS TIU and elsewhere in the layout. 

-- Joe


Dr. Joseph V Russo 

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After trying several different brands that did not fit tightly in the TIU banana jacks, I have been having good luck with these. They plug in tightly and don't loosen up. More metal in the inserting pins, stronger pins.

Digikey Banana Plugs #461-1214-ND

Tracker John posted:

My source was Newark and these plugs are installed on my 15A power supplies.  I looked for plugs and sockets rated for 15+ amps after seeing lesser rated plugs heat and melt connected to a Z4000 pushing against its 10A limit for a day-long show.

Good info.   I've marveled over the puny wire that MTH uses for its banana jack wire sets.  I suppose they are ok for a small one engine layout, but I wouldn't trust them with a long passenger train, or multiple trains.  


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