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Hello Tinplate  world

Well I've been having fun cutting ties and setting up the elevated loop for the Lionel 2  7/8" ...

Lionel offered the elevated pillars from 1904-1906 ... along with this version of the bridge ( arched entry beam) .   The pillars were placed on wood foundations to gain enough head room to run another loop underneath . 

The Lionel  1905  #1000 passenger car takes right off ..and goes a bit faster than I'm happy with ...need to do a bit of super-elevation on the curves to boost my confidence levels .

The bridge and pillars are currently reproduced by Joe Mania of JLM trains please see link ..if you would like to enter the wonderful world of 2 7/8"

The elevated loop was cataloged and promoted as the idea window display to lure customers to your store.

Now to work below, weaving the track between the pillars .

Cheers Carey IMG_0634IMG_0630IMG_0633catalog page with elevated loop







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