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Hello all,

I have a 33 inch Ross Turntable and I am looking for recommendations on a roundhouse to go with it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!


Brennan's Roundhouse is the most American looking of the bunch followed by the Atlas O roundhouse. IT really depends on your budget and skill to build one.

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Chuck unfortunately most of the Roundhouse kits I'm looking up aren't listing the angles at which the stall doors abut.  So when I bought the Ross turntable I intended to purchase one of their roundhouses in which the track and stall doors are 7.5 degrees.  However, I didn't realize how big the Ross roundhouse was, its 38 inches deep and has to be placed 14.5 inches from the pit so it won't fit.  

If you build an around the walls layout, it is often possible to put in an engine terminal on a peninsula jutting out into the middle of the space/room.     If wide enough space, you can run the mainline around the edge of the peninsula behind the roundhouse and back to make a U shaped layout with longer run.     Around the walls always gives more sq ft of layout in the same place as an island when you add aisles around the island.

Roundhouse needs to provide door center line spacing and degree of separation which obviously matches the track center line.  You need to either lay the track to match the round house or custom build the RH to match the track.  Fudging can be done but it can get a bit whimsical when you see curved tracks entering the door ways on each end of the RH.

In my case I will need a custom built asymmetrical  RH. 

RH and TT can gobble a lot of real estate.

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