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I run my new Legacy GP-9 with the LionChief app and Universal Remote.  It's my first Legacy engine.  Trouble is, I don't have the Legacy system so I can't tell you what I'm missing.  For now, it behaves like a my LC+ engines albeit with nicer sounds.  I'll be taking delivery of a Legacy system soon.

I'm told that I will be able to control my Remote/Command FasTrack switches via the Legacy remote.  If that's true, then that is one difference right there.  By the way, while I prefer the Universal remote, the one thing I like about the app is the ability to turn off smoke.  If the Universal remote had that capability, I'd never use the app.

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david1 posted:

if you run a Lionel legacy engine with Bluetooth with the lion chief app or the universal remote what legacy items cannot be accessed thru the app or the remote? 

It  seems you have to be giving up something when not using the full legacy system.





You just get the basic functions.  Forward/Reverse, couplers, crew talk, speed control, whistle/bell.

All the other stuff on the legacy remote would not be available including quilling whistle/horn.  So all those items on the 2 main screens in legacy would not be available.  

It is just basic running.

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