Running DCS and Legacy S Scale Engines via the MTH App

After attending the MTH session at the NASG convention, I decided to add DCS to my Legacy controlled layout and to buy one of the F3's. Now I can run Legacy, TMCC and DCS engines from my smart phone or tablet using the MTH premium app.

The app is very good and gives you access to nearly all Legacy functions. In fact, I haven't figured out any that I can't do yet.  

I have wanted to add wifi controls for a while, so I was excited to learn I could add one control interface that would allow me to run both Lionel and MTH engines even if its only F3's for now (not to mention all of my ERR TMCC modified locos).

If anyone is interested, I can tell you what you need to buy and how to hook it up. The addendum on this topic available on the MTH web page will tell you most of what you need to know, but I did talk to one of the MTH experts to make sure before I purchased anything.

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Yes Chuck,

I would be interested to hear/read what we would need to purchase, I do not at the present have any DCS motive power but who knows what might be in my future?


Here’s what you need to buy:

  •  MTH’s 50-1003 - DCS TRACK INTERFACE UNIT (TIU) – Need the 6.0 software version which can be uploaded from MTH site. I bought mine from a shipment that Charles Ro had just received last month and therefore, it had this software version. (about $175)
  • MTH’s 50-1034 – DCS WiFi unit (WIU) (about $150)
  • MTH’s premium app (from Google play store or iTunes) ($25 I think)
  • MTH’s 50-1032 TIU/Legacy 6’ Connector Cable (about $20)
  • Lionel’s 6-81326 LCS Serial Converter 2 (SER2) (about $40)
  • Lionel’s 6-81499 LCS DB9 cable with power supply (about $30)



  • WIU to TIU (using the USB cable that comes with the WIU).
  • Your power supply to TIU and TIU to track. For me I just cut the wires from my Powerhouse to my bus and inserted the TIU. I used 4 banana plugs, hot & common into TIU and hot and common out of TIU.
  • TIU to SER2 using the 50-1032 connector cable
  • SER2 to Legacy Command Base using the DB9 cable


Start up

  • Load the app and follow the WIU quick start up guide.
  • Make sure you always start up the WIU first and let it establish connection before turning on power supply. I have mine powered so that it is always on, i.e. separate from the powerstrip that I flip on to run trains.
  • Power up your track and use the app to start adding your engines to the app.


For support, the MTH free addendum on using TMCC & Legacy available here: Also, Jason Wenzel is the expert at MTH on this topic.

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