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A group of San Francisco Bay Area 2-rail O scale modelers met at the Alameda County Central Railroad Society (ACCRS) O scale club on a rainy Saturday, January 14, 2023.  About 10 people attended.  The group ran trains, displayed models, and enjoyed a pizza lunch.  Here are some photos of the event.  NH Joe

The ACCRS is located in the Alameda County fairgrounds.  The building was originally built as a horse stable.  It houses both a large O and HO layouts.  The two displays are separated by a 6 foot aisle as shown in the photos.  The O scale display consists of an O scale 2-rail standard gauge railroad and an On3 railroad.  The 2ROS display is controlled by NCE DCC.  The On3 railroad is straight DC.

Looking East. (Phil Edholm photo)

Bay Area 2-Rail - 1

Looking West. (Phil Edholm photo)

Bay Area 2-Rail - 3

Overview of the O scale display.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 9

Jim at the O scale control panel.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 10

This is my 2ROS circus train powered by a MTH SF Blue Goose.  The Blue Goose is a PS-3 model.  I ran it with DCC using my smart phone.  

Bay Area 2-Rail - 4

Another photo of the Blue Goose.  The model is diecast and very heavy.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 6

A view of the Cole circus train.  I traded a HO engine for this train many years ago.  A previous owner built it from Walthers kits.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 7

(Below:  Phil Edholm photo)

Bay Area 2-Rail - 2

Bay Area 2-Rail - 5

The circus train was too heavy for the Blue Goose to pull up the club's 2% grade.  I switched to a MTH 2-rail PS-3 SD70 to pull the train.  The engine is painted as an Electromotive demonstrated.  

Bay Area 2-Rail - 8

Another attendee was running a set of 3rd Rail GN F units.  This is a beautiful set.  He says that he has the full Empire Builder passenger cars to go with the units.  Maybe he will bring them to the next meet.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 11

We had a display table for models.  Phil Edholm brought a couple of his models.  Phil is the NMRA Coast Division Superintendent and an outstanding modeler as shown below.  All of these buildings will eventually reside on his On30 modular layout.  

The first model is of the Spreckels sugar warehouse at Moss Landing, CA.  Moss Landing is a small port south of San Francisco.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 15

This is an overview of the model.  Phil 3D printed all the parts.  It is hard to believe that parts are plastic.  The sugar bags in the upper left corner were cast with resin.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 14

The next model is the Moss Landing rail to sea transfer building.  Phil built this structure with acrylic walls covered with distressed wood.  

Bay Area 2-Rail - 16

Bay Area 2-Rail - 17

The interior detail is fantastic.  Both buildings are fully lighted with LEDs.

Bay Area 2-Rail - 18

Bay Area 2-Rail - 19

Everyone had a great time at the 2ROS Bay Area modelers meet.  We plan to do it again later this year.


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  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 1
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 2
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  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 4
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 5
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 6
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 7
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 8
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 9
  • Bay Area 2-Rail - 10
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