I would like to thank John, for sending me the connector and pig tails I needed for a ERR sound install into a Williams Loco.  I asked John, on this forum, for assistance regarding connections and wiring .  What John didn't know, and I did not mention, the closest train store is 75 miles from me in NYC.  No electronic stores that carry these tiny connectors needed for an accurate installation of a sound board.  John, mailed me the correct connector with out hesitation and without any recourse or reciprocation expected.  A true example of the character  of the  membership on this forum.  Thanks John for making my day'.  I appreciate your help and generosity very much'.


 Quarter Gauger 48'




Original Post

I just want to add my appreciation to John for all that he brings to this great hobby and to this great forum. He has brought us many inovative products such as Super Chuffer, Motion Sensor, Chuff Generator, the constant current led lighting module, the Dale Manco TMCC Buffer kit, and no doubt several others that I can't think of just now. Recently he shared a DIY thru-hole constant current board led design for those of us who like to buld our own, even though it kind of competes with his commercial product. He is always close by with help for anyone who needs it. Just how he also finds time for outside repairs and upgrades, as well as building his own new layout on the side is beyond me. His wife probably only sees him briefly every few days! 😜 Well done John!


We are never too old to learn something stupid....

Ditto from me. 

John converted 2 Williams Crown Edition steamers for me this winter and they were challenging to say the least. At one point he emailed me with a report on my Niagara and it wasn't good news. It sounded to me like a DCS conversion just wasn't in the cards for this loco so I asked him to cut our losses and put it back to conventional. He wrote right back saying he didn't want to give up just yet, and sure enough he came up with a solution that works very well. His electronics background, combined with his can-do mindset is a real asset to all of us. And to top it off, he's a nice guy to talk to and deal with.  I just gave him a 3rd Williams loco to convert and I have no doubt that it will be a success. Thanks John.



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  NJ HiRailers Associate Member

Great Gentleman has helped me several times and provided proper guidance and advice for projects trying to start and future ones. Great guy and very knowledgeable. 


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State College, PA

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Add me to the list of admirers of GRJ. He has helped me with a couple of issues, and his advice as been "spot on"!!! His comments are always "on the mark", and I look forward to reading his responses about not only "train" issues, but also "life" issues. He has a very sneaky sense of humor that is not lost on this "convict" from down under.

Regards.......Peter on the fabulous Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia.

I have got some advice from John in the past, I read everything he post cause I don't want to miss any information that he is sharing! He is a walking, talking, book on trains! Thank You John!


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Semper Fi !

Menards addiction Meeting member! /  LCCA# 41824

I met John a couple of Yorks ago and I must say that it was a pleasure.   Extremely knowledgeable and willing to impart that knowledge.   All ya gotta do is ask politely.   BTW, thank you John for releasing the passenger car lighting boards.   I'm one of the guys that's pretty handy with a soldering iron and I enjoy "Rollin' My Own".   Plus it saves me a few $$$.

Chief Bob (Retired)

I met John face to face for the first time this month in York, but earlier on he saved my bacon by tirelessly working to solve a cruise command issue with my K-Line Pacific.  I can't thank you enough John and it was great meeting you at Round the Clock.  You are a champion in our hobby and I hope to see you again in the fall.

Steve A.

TCA #87-26095

LCCA #42034



John has helped me many times with problems that I was having with ERR hookups.  His advise worked every time.  Great Man and one of the Greats of Modern 3rd Trains.             

I was reluctant to add my post due to when I post sometimes it's the last post on a subject.  Please feel free to add more post, didn't let me stop you.

Keith Johnson

Keith, I didn't want you to be the last poster, so I'll post after you.

Thanks all, it's really special to know that my contributions are appreciated so widely, it's somewhat humbling.  I truly do love meeting friends in the train hobby, old and new, it's the highlight of my York visits.  I just wish I could meet some of the folks that are farther away at some point.  Thank you all for the kind words.

I am probably one of the most furthest away (west coast of Oregon) from Pennsylvania.  John has always taken the time to chime in when I was doing my Chessie Steam Special and my Daylight conversion. He always has positive comments and encouragement while doing the projects.


There are many folks on this forum who are always willing to help out with any problems you might have and John is certainly one of them! His products to enhance the performance of Lighting,smoke etc. are awesome to say the least! Thanks John for all you contributed to our hobby! 




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There are a few posters here that when they post something I take it very seriously. GRJ is one of those posters. I have really appreciated all the help that he has provided on this form. 

If you're having fun, you're doing it right.

Jayhawk500 posted:

I am probably one of the most furthest away (west coast of Oregon) from Pennsylvania.  John has always taken the time to chime in when I was doing my Chessie Steam Special and my Daylight conversion. He always has positive comments and encouragement while doing the projects.

Please count me among those who:

1. recognize and thank GRJ for his helpful nature and approach;

2. live on the "west coast" of Oregon 

Mark (also) in Oregon 

John is a god in the industry, he helped me get my Hiawatha Cars converted to LED's. I can't solder very well anymore since I had a few knuckles replaces so GRJ made it simple for me to do the conversion. Everything was prepackaged, assembled and all I needed to do was install the LED strip and solder the 2 points on the LED strip. Excellent advocate for the industry with a wealth of knowledge.

Hats off to John 


TCA, METCA, LCCA, LRRC, MTHRRC, Atlas Golden Spike Club Charter Member, Bergen County Model RRC and NJ HiRailers Member.


If you haven't checked out the new NJ HiRailers website please do. Go to the "Photos" page to see galleries of our events and check the "What's New" page periodically to see what we've added.




As many have stated, all true, John has proven over and time again the depth of his knowledge and the kindness of his character.  With products for the model railroad interests, and his words of direction and advise, these are only exceeded by his warmth and funny comment contents.  Thanks, John, for many things from so many of us on the Forum.



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