Shout OUT to Mario's Trains

I have purchased a few Williams Lionel clones from Mario's in the past. Always a pleasure to do business with Mario's and I hope to some day get up to Winchester to visit his store in person. 


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Ditto all the positive sentiments expressed so far.  Fantastic service; haven't experienced a miss of any kind for me. Shipping speed seems particularly impressive. I'm also very happy with a few other sponsor-vendors as well as my LHS.

Tuscan Jim

I posted yesterday about my first order experience which was great.  So, I decided to add several small items to it and hoped that I could consolidate the two and take advantage of the Black Friday promotion and free shipping.

Called and left voice message and emailed Joe.  Received a call back earlier this a.m. and all is good--orders consolidated; promotional discount applied; free shipping.



One other thing I like about Mario's is you can create an account and go back to check the status of your order not that you need to as they communicate well. This is unlike some of the other vendors where you cannot create an account, cannot check on the status of your order unless you call them and you never get a confirmation email about the order or an email with the status of your order. Your in limbo. As I get farther into this hobby these things are important to me due to the amount of money I'm spending in one transaction.  So five stars to Mario's.

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