silhouettes- whos who in the lionel lines madison cars

Ok , can't seem to find any references as to the names of the people who are in silhouette in Lionel madison cars. I' heard there were several celebrities. I have the newer 6-19074  four car set (cowen,caruso,mazzone,raphael).

Thought it might be fun to ask all our experts whos who, by car name.

I honestly have no idea. Just thought it might make a fun thread

 Please add any other lionel set numbers and the name of the car and whos who in the window.

Happy hunting!


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justakid posted:

In a previous post about madison errors someone posted the "Legends of Lionel" cars have Marilyn Monroe, W.C. Field, John Lenon.

I couldn't find the John Lennon reference in this forum concerning this topic. Can anyone confirm?

Jim R. 

Really ?   You guys can see who's who in those figures ?.....LOL

Dan Padova


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