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Here's what Mr. King posted on the ACL/SAL yahoo forum:

A few years ago while designing the SAL B-7 round roof box, there was some interested in the double door, AF-1 version.  I am again considering this car in S scale only.

If you’ve built the B-7 you already know how the AF-1 would be constructed:  1-pc urethane body, urethane underframe, separate details, etc.

The proposed AF-1 would include original and 56” diameter heralds, AUTOMOBILE-FURNITURE and ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL graphics with several reweigh and repack dates spanning the 1940s and 50s.

If interested in this unique S scale car, please contact me off-list with a no-money-required commitment to purchase however many you want if the car is produced later this year.  Price for a complete truck, including decals and Kadee 802s, excluding trucks and postage is $80.  Decals will be sold separately for those wanting to letter other cars.

Attached is a pic of the proposed kit.  Other billboard slogans, like ROBERT E LEE and ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL (in another post he changed this to The Silver Meteor) may be considered if there is sufficient interest to warrant time to create decal artwork.

Thank you for your continuing support of S scale.

Jim King

(828) 777-5619


Now if I can get him to make them in O-scale!

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