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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

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LOL as an Aussie I can relate !

Luckily up in Queensland they have a healthy population of non-venomous snakes such as that Brown Tree Snake hiding in the tunnel ... That said if he was shedding he would be a little cranky , and could indeed bite .

Most towns around Aussie have a local Snake Catcher ... these are usually hobbyists who volunteer ( or sometimes charge , usually very reasonably) to come and grab your wee interloper

At my place I regularly see snakes , however as I am in the North Western area of Victoria , pretty much EVERY snake is gonna make you pretty crook if they bite you ... We get mainly Tiger Snakes , or King Browns .. both of which will get you a trip to the hospital if they latch on .. I would love a brown tree snake LOL! They are cute harmless fellows ... Under my house I have a big breeding female Blue Tongue lizard who has successfully bred most years .. this is a GOOD thing , as her being there pretty much deters most snakes from hanging around , plus each year 2 or three potential suitors show up ... I often get them hiding in the gap between my back screen door and back door escaping the sun each summer .. scares the crap out of you as all you see is scales writhing and a huge HISSSSS as you open the door LOLOLOL!  More than once I have done the backward jump thinking SNAKE!!! before I recognize him as a friendly visitor

The scariest thing in the following clip is the American guy .....

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My house is on a green belt with a channel that connects to a bayou. We see baby snakes frequently, usually water moccasins.  They head to the pool and get caught in the skimmer. I have 2 machetes and have developed a methodology to efficiently cut them in 2. In the words of Indiana Jones, ‘I hate snakes’.

I do spare the occasional garter snake.

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@M. Mitchell Marmel,

Interesting.  I can see your graphic attachment on my iPhone.  On my Win11 laptop with Firefox I only see text, but if I use Microsoft Edge on the laptop I do see the graphic.

In any case, I've had 2 snakes bite the dust in the AC units, but by suicide not by cats.  Of course it was at 2 AM and it made an awful racket.

UPDATE: Very interesting, after I brought it up with MS Edge, the graphic is now showing in Firefox.

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