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I have an O Gauge  Railking R-26 set of 4 and I have been searching for MTA decals to put on them and have come up empty.  I searched past posts as well.

Anyone have a source?  Also, is there a diagram that shows the exact location to place them?



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The R-26 was put into service in 1959-1960 and delivered with an olive green color.  They did not have any “mta”  signage at the time, since it was before the mta (the mta was created in 1965). So if you have a green model, its is perfectly ok without a logo.   If you have one the other MTH R-26 models in repainted blue/silver or red  after 1965, you can look through the photos here, which shows the r-26s repainted and in service through subsequent decades, with all the different variations of MTA logos and paint schemes -

If you want your engine to reflect the R-26 as delivered, it is fine without any mta logo, particularly if you have the original MTH green model and intend to keep it in that original olive green color. However, if you have one of the other MTH r-26 paint schemes (silver/blue stripe, red) or you want to repaint your green train and model a later, post 1965 train, you need to find the right MTA sign  for that era/timeframe. Then purchase them from Islandmodelworks.  I used the appropriate “modern” or current mta logo for my r-33 mth Redbirds that I wanted to reflect the late 1990s era and placed them exactly like in the photos I was copying from the above linked site (I just searched for r-33s instead of r-26s). I believe I used the 30” scale versions of the island decals (which still seemed a little small but worked out fine), but just to make sure, call Island at the contact info on their website. I did that  when I had the same question and the owner kindly walked me through the correct size purchase.  When applying, use micro set and micro sol to seal them, then tape up the windows and apply a light coat of spray sealer after everything dries. Good luck!

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Here is a another fun thing you can do at the above link. Search the car number of the engine that you have (as well as non powered cars) and see if there are any pictures of the actual model. I have the greenbird R-26 set with the engine numbered 7840. Here is the actual photo of that car in use in 1970 -

You'll see that when the R-26s remained in the original colors, no MTA signage was used even after 1965.  You'll also see that MTH did a pretty good job modeling the actual cars that were in service and placing the correct number board on the cars.

I believe MTH made silver/blue and redbird R-26s as well. These would have a certain  MTA logo depending on the date of the repaint.  You can look up IRT (R12 to R36) cars at the below link. Just scroll down to the photo gallery search box and look up your car number - -

For some reason, its only linking part of the address and I can't get this whole link to work. Just copy the entire address here and paste it in your browser -

For example, one of the cars in the blue/silver MTH R-26 is numbered 7776 (  You can search for the car number and see it here pretty graffitied up in the early 1980s, with the appropriate MTA logo in use-

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Anytime, John. If you have the silver/blue stripe R-26, then you want this one below, which was in use at the time of the silver/blue stripe repaint (this photo is an MTH R-21 redbird train and the M logo is perfectly sized). You will want to copy the exact logo and placement on your silver/blue stripe r-26s -


Below is the best sized modern logo from Island model works at the time I purchased. I believe it was the 30 scale inch size, but call him to see if that  is the right size. You’ll see it is slightly undersized relative to the perfectly sized one on the original MTH model above, which uses an earlier version of the mta logo.  But it looks good enough to me and captures the modern logo from the late 90s that I was modeling for my r-33 Redbirds. It also is placed in the exact location that I copied from one of the photos of this train type in the late 90s -



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