I am hunting for O scale open grate to use as a platform around a tower.

I can not  find a source so far

tichy train group makes one in HO scale, but unfortunately not in O

Any ideas?  If not for a source then maybe an alternate construction method



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Thank you for the generous offer, but  I really had not thought about it at that level of detail to be able to do that. It does make me think of some laser questions if you don’t mind:

what laser do you have?

what is the input file?

how fine detail can it do?

how large a piece of stock?



We have two types of grates that can me made into any raw shape. These are our fire escape kits. One grate is linear and the other is diamond. The material is laser cut PolyBak (laserboard). Reach out to me if you are interested in a certain size.




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First, Do contact Doug and ask what he can do.


what laser do you have?  GlowForge  Plus  (45W pulsed) --- check their website for a complete list of features.

what is the input file?  it can cut, engrave or score;

To Cut or score an .svg file ;  to engrave anything like a .pdf or any raster graphics file;if you use shades of gray it will 3D engrave... real cool!  Engraves metal.

how fine detail can it do? real fine like a laser beam; the finer the detail the weaker the piece 

how large a piece of stock? max cut  1/4" wood or acrylic  check the GlowForge website for a complete list of materials.


OR   I have a FormLabs 2 where I have made gratings in resin. However for flat items the GlowForge is faster.


We use a Trotec laser cutter and AutoCAD. Files are in .dwg format. The majority of our models' elevation material is cel cast acrylic plastic. The inner boxes are built out of Taskboard. Laser cut detail parts are PolyBak (Laserboard).


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