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Hello all ...Bob asked about Daylight E7's in the back ground let's show off SP Daylight diesels .

   I'm fortunate to have two sets of SP Daylight E7's .....   A&B   cast aluminum bodies and 4 copper bodied cars all by Exacta  circa 1947-8 ..17/64ths 

The other set is quite amazing in my eyes ...scratch built back in the day  ( late 40's) ... all built up a later years some miss-guided soul added deep flanges to the lead trucks and center pick ups !!!  Oh the humanity  ..but did add a killer paint job I'll be adding outside 3rd rail sweeps  and returning proper flanged wheels ...and losing the E unit .. 

Cheers Carey 




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I am not the world's best painter, but have learned that if I let Scale Coat dry (after baking) for a week, I can lay perfect stripes with a "Pilot" fine line pen.  I can also do it with a ruling pen, but that has a way of getting messy if you make a mistake.  The "Pilot" stripes wipe off easily if you err.  A coat of whatever they now call "Future Floor Wax" will fix the pen lines forever.

I have three different styles of Daylight coaches.  First, and most accurate, are the Speer extrusions, which I cut anyway I want.  They are not 100% accurate, but I believe they are closest to accurate of any O Scale Daylight cars yet produced, in terms of corrugation styles and numbers.

Second is the Kasiner - to make Daylight coaches out of Kasiners requires some bondo and some imagination, since the corrugations go the wrong way.  And my floorboards are too thick, as evidenced by the stairwell.

Last is the Kasiner, next to a B-C Models (Ken Caswell) car.  The B-C was done by a Sacramento modeler using SP shop paint.  It is older enamel, and while it will last forever, these things do not like to be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap.

Third rail came really close a few years ago - I could only fault small divergences in corrugations and the Hat trucks.  They are probably best if you just want a Daylight train.  I have seen the rather expensive Pecos River Brass versions, and am not impressed.  This, of course, is all just opinion.

@bob2 posted:

I was just begging - on MTJ - for more Daylight photos.  I am stunned that nobody but Corey and me has any Daylight equipment.  I would even like to see a "still" of a scale 3-rail Daylight.  Where are you guys - out partying?

Begging?  I was very close to prostrate!

Daylight MTH Premier Alco PAs and Premier GS4. That helpful?




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@bob2 posted:

I was just begging - on MTJ - for more Daylight photos.  I am stunned that nobody but Corey and me has any Daylight equipment.  I would even like to see a "still" of a scale 3-rail Daylight.  Where are you guys - out partying?

Begging?  I was very close to prostrate!

Sorry, I have a ton of SP but did not want to unpack them.  MTH GS-4, MTH Alco PA-1 AA. Weaver E-8 AA, Williams PA-1 ABA, Atlas SD-35, Lionel SPSF SD-40-T2.  two Lionel SP Atlantics.  6 Williams SP 80' aluminum cars,  Two MTH 5 car Streamline sets couple of extra domes, RPO, 5 K-Line heavyweight cars. Everything, except the SD-35 and SD-40 and some freight cars, is in Daylight colors. One of the Atlantics is on my work bench so how bout a shot of that.  j



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@bob2 posted:

Not exactly E7s, but here are some more colorful steamers:4335

I may have told this story before; I did a paint job for a nice older widow who had something very similar to this on display in her living room: not in this color scheme, but it had that same (odd) boiler top. She said her late husband had built it. It was very impressive, and you could see how much it meant to her to have it there on her mantle...

Mark in Oregon

I have a copyright on those photos.  You may reproduce them with my permission anywhere but in a thread where I post them.  To keep the moderators happy, I grant retroactive permission for the two repeats above.  "Passengers will please refrain . . ."

Yes, the Skylines are multiple pieces of brass, hand-formed and joined with screws and solder.  Each boiler band requires a notch.  In both cases the underlying model is Lobaugh.

I have done three - the third is a 17/64 GS-2 with a copper boiler.  If I haven't posted it here yet, I will do so.

And you may be mistaken.  The Sunbeam was a shrouded P-6 with 80" Boxpok drivers and a true nose cone.  The Pacific Lines streamlined maybe four P-8s with 73" spoked drivers.  I think Weaver considered the Sunbeam, but that was toward the end of their imported model business.

I could be wrong - somebody may have a photo of an O Scale Sunbeam to share?

Wasn't directed at you.  See what I mean?  One photo has already been repeated twice.  Not a big deal here, but check out what they do on "Switcher Saturday".  Over, and over, and over again . . . It is a wonder that management does not disable that button.  It sucks up storage, for no apparent purpose, and makes it difficult to really enjoy the posts.

Sorry to be such a grump - goes with old age.  Here is my scratch GS-2 - copper boiler, silver-soldered with the 1100 degree stuff.  Won't do that again, but at least the boiler would survive a California wildfire.  Frame is machined out of a 1' x 1' brass bar, in Lobaugh fashion.  Tender trucks are nickel silver from my masters.  Cannot bear to paint them - next owner surely will.

Scratch GS-3


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By the way - just found these photos.  They were for a proposed article on how to make articulated car diaphragms - I will skip the details, but the colors leap out.  Just baked-on standard Scale Coat.

Trains june 29 006Trains june 29 007Trains june 29 004

Speer extrusions - windows cut here.  Yeah, I don't do interiors.  Speer is the closest we have come in O Scale to the correct corrugations.  Opinion.


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  • Trains june 29 007
  • Trains june 29 004

Yes, the Sunbeam locos were originally P6 4-6-2's from the Pacific Lines. The Texas & New Orleans shops rebuilt and streamlined them for use on the Sunbeam / Hustler and were classed as P14's.

No one that I know of has produced them in O. Hallmark did them in HO in the 70's. 

Sunset did the Pacific lines ones like Bob2's used on the San Joaquin Daylight. 

My apologies for duplicating your photos Bob2.

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