St. Louis, MO Menards stores are now displaying train items on the shelves...

The subject says it all. I was at the St. Peters store today and the shelves were being stocked with lots of the Menards buildings. Most were lit so you can appreciate all the lighting effects. The Pepsi building with the Miller sign really looks neat!

O Gauge Pepsi Bottling Plant As does the Morton Salt building:O Gauge MortonĀ® Salt Factory

Check 'em out. You snooze you lose!


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Indiana, PA. needs a Menard's I would love to walk into a Menard's store and check out all the train related items. Reading about them, here on the Forum is not the same as holding them in your hands. Maybe, someday Menard's will keep a small area in their stores stocked with trains year around. Their freight cars, buildings, accessories and track would be enough for me to make a lot of trips. With them bringing out something new every week I would be there. I never met a train person who wasn't interested in looking at new products.

Ditto the Menards 1 mile down the road from us here in Meeeeeshigan.  I'm hoping they'll shelf-offer those dandy 1:48 panel trucks sometime during this seasonal shift of merchandise.

Hey, for all the bene's you fringe coastal guys/gals get , we muggles here in 'middle earth USA' deserve some advantage now and then.......dontcha think???

AND WEST !!  We could darn well use a Menards in OKC.. and in Tulsa for the Forum guys over there.  The lack of O Gauge LHS in the OKC area is not good.  There is only one I know of, The Whistle Stop on Britton Road.  And, it would also help to establish a local O Gauge train club.  When we started the North Central O Gaugers in Antioch, Illinois, back in 2001, it was through the local hobby shop there, in Antioch.  There are few better ways of meeting great people and making friends... and running trains on modular layout you build as you need and like.  Yes, we need Menards in Oklahoma, and

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I am fortunate that Menards is on the back side of my subdivision, my store (Yorkville IL) also has one whole isle dedicated to trains right now.  I don't do O Gauge, and I have recently switched to HO so the HO buildings have been finding their way into my house.  My son has the O Gauge Thomas set (currently the only O Gauge we have) but he has just gotten his first piece of O Gauge rolling stock from Menards.  It's an army vehicle on flat car.  Looks right at home behind Thomas! 


027runner posted:

Menards in Wisconsin has trains out too!  I have 4 menards stores all within 1/2 to 2 hours so here goes my extra $$.  The store in plover had a lot of buildings but no boxcars or hoppers yet.

My brother called yesterday to let me know and picked up 3 for me at the Appleton East store. He'll bring them to Cocoa Beach in January and I'll pick them up when we visit in February.

rogerpete posted:

I was enjoying the display at Warren, Ohio yesterday. I wonder if the plumbing weirdos get as excited as we do when the latest fittings hit the shelf? 


Me too, picked up the Hotel at Menards in Warren , an hour drive from Cleveland, and was impressed with the large display this year.  We want a Menards in the Cleveland area!  I am pretty sure Menards bought the old K-Mart property on Brookpark Rd and cleared the land.  I think there are better locations than that for Menards though in the Cleveland metro area.  

Would someone please make a posting complaining that the 11% is for an in store credit... haven't seen one in a while.  Hahahaha 

However as pointed out in a different post, i don't check the forums every 30 minutes and possibly missed it...


Don't take it too serious- they're just toys...

banjoflyer posted:

Well fellas here's a map showing all current Menards locations:

They are ever-expanding! The farthest South so far is Cape Girardeau, MO.

Who knows?...maybe if you ask Santa real nice he'll have them build one near you for next year!


And the " winners" are: Milwaukee-Chicago, Twin Cities and Indy. It looks like there's room for a few more stores out there.








We love our Menards stores here in Minnesota. They are bringing new life to "O" gauge. Seems they are willing to take up slack in areas where Lionel has given up so long ago. I would enjoy a holiday layout at the individual stores. If history is a guide.. It would bring in new traffic to the stores .. Sell products and dazzle the young kids who always stand in awe. HINT : You older retired model RR guys could find a "new and seasonal" P/T gig if you could convince corporate BIG whigs that this is a winner. Basically guys, I am loaded with accolades with my Menards shopping experience. My wife likes the stores TOO and that is saying a whole lot. 

Happy trails to you ...  R. Peet 


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645 posted:
Goshawk posted:
Jim M Sr posted:

Darn you, MENARD's!

Come EAST, come EAST!

and south!

Jim M Sr - or you move west!

Goshawk - or you move north!

That'll be another way the two of you can fix a lack of Menards in your area.

I grew up in Merrillville, IN. After living in the south for 17 years, no way am I moving back! (Too cold and too much snow). That and military aviation is abandoning just about everything north.

Corey West

Aircraft for work, trains for fun.

Do not have a store near you. Do not be dissapointed the online route is the way to go. I went to my menards store and the train selection was small. I got most of the buildings online alreafy when announced here by mark that I wanted. The cars I want were not at my store anyway. The rr signs were there though and seeing them in person to inspect the quality was a good thing. Some had crooked letters and poor paint jobs. I got two UP signs though that were almost perfect for my collection. 

I also saw an HO morton salt building with one walk way poorly put on and badly crooked. So seeing menards products in the store first hand vrs. the internet really helps getting factory errors or buildings like that one. If a guy got that morton salt online he would have been very dissapointed. btw I am not bashing menards stuff here just pointing out QC issues that you run into from time to time. As we know all manufacturers have issues. 

One question has anyone gotten the menards intermodal cars yet? How are they? Any pics of them besides menards pics yet anywhere? I was hoping to see at least a single car at my store,but sadly no. Also was hoping to see the CN bulkhead flat cars with logs those were not there either. Oh well just as well I left menards not spending too much money. So as I said online is definatly the way to go if you want trains from menards. Although it would be nice to see the products it up close. They are not a hobby shop although they could start a hobby section in thier store devoted to trains and small hobby tools and other items that relate to small hobby and crafters like us. Hint hint.

Roger glasgo

franktrain posted:

Same here in Naperville, Illinois. Looking like Christmas already 


That looks like the train store within the toy dept. Of Sears on the 2nd floor at the North Shepherd store 50 uears ago.  GOOD JOB!

The TEXAS SPECIAL:  The REAL RED streak of the golden prairies!

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