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From this weekends meets, here is one I did not buy, a few others captured my $$$. The  basic shell appears to be cast in aluminum with ribbed aluminum sheeting for the rest as well as the truck facades that disguise the McCoy trucks. Motor is a regular McCoy under floor motor. As far as I know, this is still available.



Std Diesel 1Std Diesel 2Std Diesel 3Std Diesel 4Std Diesel 5Std Diesel 6Std Diesel 7Std Diesel 8


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  • Std Diesel 1
  • Std Diesel 2
  • Std Diesel 3
  • Std Diesel 4
  • Std Diesel 5
  • Std Diesel 6
  • Std Diesel 7
  • Std Diesel 8
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Rob English posted:

Steve...I might be interested.  I like that quirky, but high quality stuff.

Could you contact me off line with their contact info?

Will do Rob when I get back to my computer. I have bought 3 of the creators pieces. His casting work is pretty good. The metal and electrical work leave a bit to be desired and will require some fin tuning. That said, he was like me, making stuff from what was available and without anything more than the hand tools in the garage. Love it.

wait till you see the Shay ��

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