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I have been approached offline by a member looking for some help with a CC-M installation in his LM Challenger. This is a 2004 offering and it has something I have not seen before; a bridge rectifier in the interconnecting motor wiring between the two power trucks. The following sketch shows how they are wired:

6-38091 Challenger

It appears that the bridge adds two diode voltage drops to the power going to the front truck, in either direction. But the nagging question is; why would you want or need to do this? Also note the unusual DCDS designation: YD2 EDP.

I happen to have the earlier 2003 version of this engine, 6-38021; and it does not have the bridge diode. And the DCDS in it is the standard YU1 version. Even more interesting is the parts list for the 2004 engine calls up the YU1 DCDS, but that's not what it has in it.

Can anyone shed any light on all this?

Thanks, Rod


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  • 6-38091 Challenger
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I have not seen the engine personally, but the owner says he purchased it on ebay in 2005 from a seller who claimed it was "new", and from all appearances it was new. He also claims the rectifier appears to have been professionally installed, perfectly mounted with a correct looking screw onto the base plate, and that the wiring was professionally done, with the correct colors, and just the right lengths etc. So I don't know what to make of this. I was hoping someone who worked at Lionel during this time frame might chime in and let us know if was done by Lionel, or it absolutely was not. And if it was installed by Lionel, what is it's purpose?


@Jim Sandman posted:

That engine has a very detailed listing of parts on Lionel site, and there is no bridge rectifier shown/listed.  I too believe it was a mod - bypass it and see if see anything odd happen.

I know this is one of the engines motors aren't available - is the motor still the original?


Jim; unless one or both motors was replaced before the current owner bought it, I have to think they are original. And I agree; no bridge rectifier shows up on the parts listing. But neither does a DCDS with a tag YD2 EDP; but there it is. And if it was modded by a previous owner, where did he get the weird DCDS? And why? It just doesn't add up; though I agree with grj that it looks like it is supposed to reduce front motor torque for whatever reason. Interesting mystery!


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