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Way back in the 60's my family was visiting relatives in Boston. One of my late uncle's father worked in the Boston & Maine shops (possibly in North Station).  Uncle Bill took us one day to tour the maintenance shops, seeing various equipment being serviced.  But the highlight of the day for us young kids was getting to ride in a B&M RDC and traveling through the wash rack!  


Mark, I didn’t find much other than the following.

Another angle of the Morgan Street rack in Chicago. Photo by Russell Lee.


The Burlington used the Denver 23rd street tracks which had a rack through the C&S. 

Photo by Walter Shimel. 9D7CD6A8-63DD-4137-A648-07AA33A33709

C&S 0-6-0 #580 eases into Union Station in 1951. Photo by Richard Steinheimer.

American Scale Models had these up in the brushes page... don’t know if identifiable...



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  • A8E010B0-7EE9-4E24-B5DA-6A8AB498756E
  • C985AC73-DD26-49AE-A628-1F2129E705EC
  • 9D7CD6A8-63DD-4137-A648-07AA33A33709
  • BCE3E2C4-C21A-4BBA-95DD-8FE1C5A4DA90
  • EBFF8193-FE36-47EB-B81D-3E8C07FC58A6

Good sluething, Santiago!    Think the picture of the Chinese Red GP30 was taken in Galesburg.  There's a church steeple in the background which, if memory serves, is/was located in Galesburg.  The 0-6-0 photo is of one of Burlington's odd-ball reconstructed 2-6-2 to 0-6-0 conversions.  Apparently they were pretty good engines, because the last 0-6-0 that worked on the Q was one of them (#565/renumbered 1565; worked in the 1957 Fall rush, in Lincoln).

Hopefully more information will be surfaced !

Yes, I would recommend it. Has a batch of ace-photographer Phil Weibler's excellent photos. He spent his teen-aged years in Quincy, took many photographs, and marveled at how clean and shiny were Burlington steam locomotives. This was opposed to the beat-up condition of Chicago & North Western steam locomotives encountered in his earlier, childhood residence of West Chicago, IL.  Author Linroth is a graduate of Western Illinois University and a career employee of the CB&Q, so the text is quite readable and he has first hand knowledge of the terrain.

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