Studio Shots: custom 3rd Rail WP Harriman coach

WP Harriman Coach #312



Sunset originally released this car as a SP coach. I stripped it and did some detail work to depict a non-air WP chair as seen in Exposition Flyer equipment. Trucks are PSC and transfers are Clover House. Enjoy!




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Yves posted:


Nice paint job on that car. Could you describe your process for painting and what kind of paints do you use? From the pictures, I would say that you bake the paint (especially on the roof).



Thanks, Yves. Panting is done with Revell enamels. For the roof I use black gloss. Black gloss gives you the darkest black possible, so when I satin coat I don't get a greyish tone. This car was too big to fit in the oven, so I "baked" with a hair dryer hahaha

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