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I love a good picture as much as the next person but here is my suggestion. Every reply doesn't require all of the pictures by the O.P. left in the reply. Sometimes I'll leave one if it helps make my reply clearer but not all of them. Some threads will have multiple replies all with the photos left. No hate intended just my opinion. And yes, I know videos can't be removed. I think Ron045 said it best at the bottom of his recent post on CA Glue.

"For goodness' sake, if you "reply with quote" to my posts, remove the pictures."

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I edit the "quote" box so only the photo I want to mention is within it.

May not amount to much, but I don't see any reason to needlessly drive up the space requirements for this forum by including superfluous photos that aren't part of my reply. Photos take up space on the server. I suspect that's not free. (I suspect as server space goes up, the costs for same goes up.)


I almost always edit any quote to only contain the pertinent details of any reply.  Not only does it save space, it makes it easier to understand what you're replying to.

Me too and I learned it from you and other seasoned forum users here. Some people I don't think realize they can simply back space and edit it. Maybe if they see this post it will help.


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I agree with most of you all saying and just like the picture a day topic and front end friday topic you all reply with a quote and say nice picture etc. For example its a picture a day topic not discussion topic start a new thread if you need to discussion something or personal email them. It ****es me off when you all do that i get so many emails no since in it.

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