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It is an MTH switch, it only works a few times switching either direction. THen just will not switch at all, I removed it fcrom the layout and have been trying to get it to work by jumpering the contacts at the switch and nothing will happen after it swiches a few times, I tried another switch motor and have the same results, I'm ready to toss it.
I had the same problem for the last week with one of the Realtrax switches on my board. After several back to back throws, it sort of dies....won't throw, just hums and the light dims.

The last thing I tried worked. Moved a power lock on over one track section so I had room and moved the switch motor from the inside of the switch to the outside.

Cured it immediately. No idea why, but I think when I pull it up, I may find the magnet in the switch body is out slightly.

For now, I am leaving it where it is. You might want to try that.

Yes I know all of the componets are under the cover including a poly switch which heats up when there is a short accross the switch, protecting the switch motor. The problem is that the poly switch is defective on my switch, it heats up prematurely when activating the switch a few times, and then switch stops working untill it cools off and of course works again untill it gets hot.
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