Switcher Saturday: 2018-Jan-13

Mike CT posted:

You gotta love that tennis ball, right center in the picture.   A 20+ year rebuild, Steamtown, Scranton, PA. 

And the guy who put it there has the scars to prove why.......

Beautiful restoration.

Three Rails Are Better Than None 

briansilvermustang posted:







For quite some time I've found these motors strangely attractive for some odd reason. Can't put my finger on it, but it may have to do with the lines of the engine... sort of reminiscent of a double Fairlie steam engine. But again, maybe not. I just know I always enjoy seeing pics of this type of motor.

Aren't we modelers and odd lot?


While I don't have a layout at this point in time, I figured this would be the next best way to contribute to Switcher Saturday - https://digital.library.cornel...collections/railroad - The "industrial images" are amazing! Just goes to show you that no matter how unprototypical you think some sections of your layout may be, there's probably been something pretty close to it in the real world. The Denver images are amazing! I work downtown and I'm pretty knowledgeable of how much street running there was at one point in time, but I had no idea how extensive it was! Enjoy.

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