Hey there Swsat gang, welcome once again to our weekly gathering of those who appreciate the smaller loco's on the roster.   We pay homage to the little engines that do big things.   

To start things off this week we have some full size photos.   For starters we have an NS gp38-3, photographed by yours truly. This ex gp-50 and her crew were seen spotting a boxcar in Mount Wolf PA.


 Next up is a familiar face to many, Strasburg RR 8616, at Paradise PA as an Amtrak train rolls by.  Photo credit to reddit user u/MeeperFive


 Please share an image, a video, a story, a happy thought etc., related to a switching loco of any era or scale!

Switcher Saturday guidelines:

1. Everybody continues to be nice.  In the digital age it's too easy to forget that words on a screen were typed by a living person.  It's never been an issue on this thread yet, and I think we should be proud of that.

2. The subject here is small locomotive power of all kinds.  3 rail O is a given,  but all are welcome,  Full size, Hongz, live steam,  park RR's, industrial critters,  clockwork specials etc.  You get the idea!

3. This weekly thread starts on Saturday but is open all week.   Feel free to check out old threads. Here is a link to last week's thread.

4.  This thread is in the photo album section to follow the terms of service of the OGR forum website.   In that same vein, please only post pictures of your own or those you have permission to use here.  Think it's cool but can't find a way to get copy and paste permission,  no problem,  just post a link instead.

5. Have fun!

May God Bless us all.


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Boston & Maine ALCO RS-3 #1537 is a Weaver model with two vertical motors that I have owned probably for 20 years. It has occupied a spur on my 12’-by-8’ layout and I have run it very little. Having not been run for at least three years, it was reluctant to get going but I eventually coaxed it into motion and let it run in forward and reverse to loosen up on my 10’-by-5’ layout. It does not have speed control and wants to run at high speed, so is not good for low speed switching moves. Nonetheless, I think it is nicely made and detailed, looks good, and I’m content to run it at cruising speeds.

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Good morning fellow switcher fans!  Wonderful pics and videos today!  Here's some pics from the Free State Junction Railway.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!!IMG_4302IMG_4311IMG_4376IMG_4384IMG_4432IMG_4583IMG_5530IMG_5430IMG_5764IMG_6463IMG_6787IMG_6857

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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        happy "SWSat"        just got in from shoveling 6" of wet heavy snow...



                 switching crews are busy working passenger trains today...






            alot of people probably heading out to warmer, dryer weather...


                           wish I was one of them...


                       have a great weekend !!



                 might even take a ride on the beer train later...



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