(02/05/19) New! Gamer & Thrones from Menards!

EscapeRocks posted:

Summation of every Menard's building product announcement posts over the previous 12 months:

"Wow, nice,  but it's  not a brewery"

A brewery has to be the most asked for structure ever since Menards came on board.  I wonder why they are so reluctant to offer one??????????????????????????????

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Coal Cracker posted:

Here's a suggestion for Menard's--a microbrewery located in an old train station a la Depot Brewery in Reno NV


There was a microbrewery and bar in the old Great Northern station in Fargo ND, for a number of years.   Great idea!

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Ken-Oscale posted:

Very nice structure, and a great price - amazing! 

Not sure about the flashing red lights at the top - not in character with the rest of the building, I suppose they could be trimmed off.

I also agree that the building looks good but the ridge-top roof LED's don't fit the era or function of the building.

RonH posted:

HMMMM May be series like the Munster's house, Adams family house and the house from Psycho with Noram's carrying a knife coming out of the house?

Menards and their partners have been very creative over the passed few years.  The Addams Family house or a structure with late 1890-1910's Victorian style elements would be a great offering that we have not seen in O gauge except for Lionel's Halloween Haunted mansion which was back in the new 2019 Lionel catalog.  If Menards does not wish to produce a product that in anyway promotes alcohol, maybe they'll design a building that can be readily customized to fit various business ventures.  If I were to have a brewery on my layout, I would prefer to have one that had some 1890-1910 era style elements - especially the windows and roof.

You can have a steam train ...If you'd just lay down your tracks.

Getting to be a nice range of buildings, Mark. I'm always looking to see which ones are amenable to a slice down the middle and making low relief structures.

Now then, what's the chance of Menards' ore cars - say four-car sets in the Menards multi-pack tradition? Say a 12-pack? 



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EscapeRocks posted:
Nairb Rekab posted:

Hey Brian, your link has a typo.  Here's the good link.

Title Town Brewing

Here is a link to the history of the depot.  https://www.titletownbrewing.com/history

I try to stop there whenever I pass through Green Bay - great food and beer, plus occasional trains passing by.  Also it is not far from the National Railroad Museum.

With the initial overhead shot I was afraid a drone might me involved.

I'm so glad to be so wrong.

I like this; alone and for the potential uses.

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