Its been nearly 5 months since I tore down my Harpers Ferry layout due to a move to a new home.   On my old layout I used plastic storage shelving to create a yard off of the main in the storage room.  The second shelf from floor was about the same height as my layout.   The shelves above and below were used to store train boxes.   I'm planning a bigger (12x26) and better (Atlas O instead of MTH Realtrax) Harpers Ferry layout in the storage room of my new home.   In the meantime I've got to run trains so I built a 12 x 8 temporary loop on top of plastic storage shelving moved from old home.   These shelves come in 2'x3' and 1.5'x3' x 72" sizes for about $35-$50 (for 5 shelves)  I'd like to thank Mark Boyce for the awesome deal on the Railking WM Baldwin AS616 you see in the video.



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Great idea for a temporary layout that isn't on the floor.  I have been using Realtrax on the living room floor off and on for several years and am finally starting to work on a permanent layout in the basement.

Let me know when you are ready to sell your Realtrax.

Good luck,


Boy... my wife *hates* having all that RealTrax in the living room ;-).

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