The worst in my book are actually several - going back to button un-couplers rather then the hidden ones. No standard in command control, rather 2 different ones, MTH and Lionel. Long wait, sometimes never-built cataloged items. Lack of especially scenery items as in other scales, figures, vehicles, etc.


The Best- The highly detailed engines and rolling stock coming out.

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The best - is not every one has to like the same thing.  Track choice, # of rails, gauge, road names, # of rivets, size of coupler, duplicate car numbers, authenticity, type of electronics, engine speed, era correctness, shades of color, wiring scheme, just to name a few.

The worst is - many people are prone to complain about what others enjoy.

The best by far is how this hobby releases stress by taking your mind off of other issues. I enjoy the troubleshooting and fixing associated with trains. Just powering up and letting them rip makes the worries fade away. 

The worst thing is trying to get the darn cattle loader working correctly.

Dear  Geysergazer,

I linked to your prior thread and it was a great read.  Thanks for such a great idea.

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