The countdown has ended.

 Bye ya all, have a safe trip.  Sure wish I was going but it is too far from the armpit of Texas.  The dang airline tickets and car rental would eat all my funds to buy trains.   Guess I better start rat-holing more money. 



TCA 12-67009


This time around I have no list. I will have last years list on me which I updated what I picked up, but I think I will talk a lot more this time around. I do believe I will pick up some things, not exactly sure what though. Could be some figures or scenery, not sure. I will have to wait and see what pops up.

Dave NYC Hudson PRR K4 posted:
Evan Cihlar posted:

I don't have a list but I'm sure I'll find something that I've always wanted for a great price... and I'll also get to meet some great people.  

I'll be sure to stop by Evan and maybe talk about the automatic stoker, lol.

Please do!  I know for sure that I'll be there on Friday and Saturday... Thursday is yet TBD.

Steve "Papa" Eastman posted:

We Just checked in and are out for a late diner at the Round the Clock Diner.



The California crew has landed!         Have fun guy's I remember my first time!   




Home of the C.L.&M railroad






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