Since the ZDC-24 power supply isn't available yet and the Radio Shack 18-24 power supply can't be located with an "M" barrel on E-Bay, as all sellers indicate No Tips, what is a approved source of power that plugs into the TIU AUX port. I've read the forum's discussions and there are several recommendations, however; one example was an RS-24. Searching E-Bay found an RS-24, but the manufacturer on the forum wasn't specified. 

I'm helping set up a 16' X 32' layout with nearly 1,000' of track and I need a little assistance on what to power the TIU with until the new MTH device is available. I read that the MTH HO scale power supply was an approved alternative. Is that a good work around until the ZDC-24 becomes available?

By the way there are multiple listings in E-Bay for the old Radio Shack power supply but no tips.


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Mike, find any wall wart that outputs 12-18 volts, ac or dc.  If you do not use any/many AIU accessory relays set to stay on, you can get away with a 400ma capacity.  If you can find a higher milliamp or amp rating, go for it. 

I use an old laptop power supply, it's 18 volts at a couple of amps.  I had one that had the correct plug, but I also bought some replacement barrel plugs for use with others.  IMO, you want at least an amp of current, and if you have one or more AIU's connected, I'd be thinking 1.5-2.0 amps.

I bought them on eBay.  You can buy a suitable power supply for a lot less than $8.

Here you go, eBay: 251998381314, 25 of them for $2.47 free shipping.

For $4.68 you can have the power supply with the proper barrel connector, eBay: 371165009256

GRJ, Doesn't powering the TIU with DC help with PS2/PS3 file loading or something? I think I will order one of the above myself.

I am using A Z500 for TIU power now which works fine, but the DC supply might just come in handy someday or maybe I will just switch over to it when it arrives.

Doesn't powering the TIU with DC help with PS2/PS3 file loading or something?

No, its does not. However, powering a PS3 engine with DC voltage does improve the effectiveness of loading its sound file.



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Thanks Barry, guess I had that backwards. So you would power the track through FXD 1 with DC? I could still do that with the above PS, I think. 2 amps should be adequate for that, I would think.

I've found that even with PS/2 that powering the locomotive with DC enhances the reliability of the sound file loads.  Nowadays, I power them with DC on the bench for configuration.  FWIW, I power mine with a bench supply, I can monitor the precise current drawn.  Even when the locomotive starts and the smoke unit fires up, I have never exceeded 1.5 amps.  Obviously, I still agree with Barry, I don't want it running while loading, it's just sitting there making noise.  Besides, when the sound file completes, the engine starts up, so it's your alert that it's loaded.

Even if the engine is started up, it shuts down once the SF Load process starts.  It has been noted by MTH Service that using DC has resulted in less errors when loading sound files.  I use a HO DC power supply feeding fixed one using a fixed DC output.  I use the Bench loader though.  To load a sound file you only need the 7 pin plug installed for PS-2.   I normally use all the plugs though, so I can check all the outputs after sound file load.  G

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I have been eyeing some bench top power supplies, but do not yet have one. That would be a nice addition though. All the wants seem to always outweigh the available funds buy a large margin, maybe someday. I only have one PS2 engine and it's been packed away since we moved almost 3 years ago, but I will certainly keep that in mind too. The rest of the fleet is all PS3.

gunrunnerjohn posted:

For $4.68 you can have the power supply with the proper barrel connector, eBay: 371165009256

Does the 2.5mm center pin (a.k.a. "N" barrel) securely fit in the TIU Aux Power jack?  The "M" barrel is 2.1mm.  My experience is they do make contact but kind of loosey-goosey (that's a technical term  ).

18v adapter


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As I opted for 'Free Shipping' I won't be able to test the barrel jack connection until sometime between 'Fri. Jul. 15 and Thu. Aug. 18' , but would be happy to report back then. However, GRJ will probably already know the answer.

gunrunnerjohn posted:

Here you go, eBay: 251998381314, 25 of them for $2.47 free shipping.

Can't beat 10 cents per connector.  But if soldering is not your thing, another eBay option is a 5.5/2.1mm "M" barrel adapter with screw-terminals for less than $1 (free shipping from Asia):

no solder adapter for tiu aux


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Out of all the electronic parts I see on the forum, many of which I end up ordering (it's a weakness...or would that be sickness?), the screw terminal barrel jacks are one of my favorites. I ordered some a couple of years ago and have used then quite a lot and given several sets to friends. Probably should order some more. Handier than a pocket on a shirt!

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