For some unknown reason while I was running trains last night the train just stopped.  After doing some checking I found that the channel for the power for that area where the train stopped was off.  I tried to turn in back on but all I got was "out of RF range".  I moved closer to the TIU with no luck.  I recharged the batteries in the remote with no luck.  I gave up for the night and when I came back today and turned the trains on I found that my TIU #4 had an address of TIU #5.  I am using six TIU's on the layout.  Two of which are number 5.

I have read The DCS O Gauge Companion and in Appendix J found the replacing a TIU.  I very confused on how to take the old number 4 Tiu that now shows number 5 and get it back to number 4. Do I leave the TIU hooked up to the layout?,  Do I leave the other 5 tiu's powered on?

I know this has been discussed in the past but I am at a lose and would appreciate anyone's help that can put this process in the simplest for for me.

Thanks in advance.

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only power the one you wish to change. Doesn't matter if it's connected to the layout or not as long as it's powered.

Out of interest, when you do this, report back if address #4 is actually open. I've never had a TIU change it's address unless I told it to.

You may have to delete TIU#4 if it doesn't appear in the address list When you go to change the #5.

I'm confused if your remote changed it's address or if it's scrambled somehow? How many remotes do you use?

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Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Turn on and off again and see if it changes address again.  Is this early version tiu?  It could be memory chip failure.

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When I'm changing TIU addresses, I usually put them on the bench by themselves and then work on them.  If you have multiple TIU's with the same address, it'll be difficult to address the right one if they're all powered up.

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