I  notice that my  18322  Lionel FM  ..  the TMCC works  when running  but at lower speeds or stopping and trying to restart.. it will sometimes just have the lights flicker. and can not get a signal.. unless I power down and restart..

So I open the shell and added a extra wire on the other side  of the handrail as Lionel did  on one side thinking I get better reception..

Well It would not work at all in TMCC . So I disconnected the extra wire on the other-side of the handrail, and  and got to the way it was. working but same problem...

should of this of worked adding the extra wire or should I make a copper tape antenna ( or just wire  under the roof) with one wire  under the  the shell roof..

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Hello!  here's what I found out...    I removed the shell  left that short gray  antenna wire with the yellow  twist cap on.. PERFECT response...   all signals work perfect  .. (with out the  shell off  )  I noticed Lionel put hot glue on the edges   of the metal   side rails where Lionel used it as a antenna  I used black tape to cover the inside  metal  ..But no matter what I do I  still have a problem when I  put the shell on  ..

I'm trying to research what I can use for a antenna  by gluing a strip on the inside of the cab


Any suggestions thanks ,....Daniel 

I'm not sure why you'd be screwing around with the railings as they are probably contacting the frame!  If you just hot glue a wire in the top of the shell around 12-14" long and connect it to the antenna connection, you should be fine.  The antenna wire should not touch ANYTHING that is grounded to the frame.

I know ...That's what I thought but when I just got this FM  it had no other antenna in the shell just a wire to to the side  metal railings! @4" long then soldered to  side rail  ( Part #  under shell says lionel Mt  Clemens Mich 48045   2321-5 )  

Also it derailed all the time  I ended up uncurling the wires from the  electo coupler and  made a lot of slack for it to turn both ways  the same.. I  put postwar FM truck one one end .. I ordered another because on my 031 tube turns the orgianal  truck arrangement drags  a lot.. I going to forfeit the motion sound for better performance

thanks  for the  post...Daniel


I've never seen the handrails used as an antenna in those, normally they have the copper tape strip in the top of the shell.  Try my solution, assuming it's just an antenna issue, you'll be done with that problem.

It appears that the Lackawanna runs them long hood forward, see circled F on the following picture.  That indicates the front of the locomotive.

Lackawanna Trainmaster


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Short update  the wire antenna   hot glued  on the inside to[p shell works perfect!

made me wonder if this was aftermarket  .. but after checking Lionel supplement sheets it showed the handrail as a antenna

Could you tell me  (Jeff2035)if you had to reroute your wiring next to the motors mine  where wired tied next to the motors and limited the throw to one side making mine derail

I converted one truck to PW Fm waiting for the other part to come in

My Question is do you run your s on 031  track  and if you do do you have any issues

thanks ...danny


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DanssuperO posted:

Short update  the wire antenna   hot glued  on the inside to[p shell works perfect!

Not really surprised, I have no idea why they hooked it to the railings.

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