Tooling for new LC+ Berkshires

Ed Boyle posted:

Thanks Dave,

Your responses to the questions asked about the tooling in this thread will definitely increase sales for the LC+ Berk.  After reading your answers I know for sure that sales increased by two :-) 

Thanks again.

Ed Boyle

Hi Ed,  Are you indicating a Collector's Gallery article in like 12 years?  Your recent article in Run 291 was fantastic, as usual. 


Dave B, from Tacoma, WA, TCA #14-70330


Dave Olson posted:

This is the same tooling that was used for the conventional classics 726 Berk, only modified for the LC+ electronics and CAN motor. It is an extremely close reproduction to the Postwar Berk. The attached CAD photo highlights the separate details highlighted by differing colors.





Thanks for posting - great to have a "hands on/involved" person chiming in.

Mike W. posted:

The PWC Series Berkshire from the 2007 Set had the original PW tooling.  Why was new tooling created for the Conventional Classics Version?

As JC642 said previously, "The original PW 726/736  die-cast body mold had its final run with the L&N  Big Bertha Berk back in 1986.   From then on Lionel's iconic engine was built with mostly new tooling." 

That's what I always heard as well, that the original PW tool failed part way through the production run of the Big Bertha Berk. After that failure, it had to be reworked/replaced. There was quite a gap of time until the next Berk was produced, due to the time and money that was required in making a new tool.

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