Train for Union Station by Automatic Toy Company

I am posting here because this is a tin station and the train that belongs with it is a wind up tin train. I picked this station up at an antique store but it is missing the train. It is in great shape for its age so I thought I would buy it and start my search for the train. Is anyone familiar with this station and company and know who might have the train that goes with it?

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I measured the track on this layout and it is 3/4 of an inch wide. I don’t know if Marx has any in this width that would fit. Someone sent me a link of one that is the correct one for this layout but it is missing a wheel and the spring has come undone. Does anyone know if this is repairable since it is over 70 years old?

Everything is repairable @Nick DiSandro but its going to depend on your personal skills or the depth of your wallet, and paying someone to fix something like this would very quickly become uneconomical sadly.

The good news is for you there is probably a wealth of little wind-ups that would run on such a track, I cant speak as to Marx , although I do believe they have some smaller stuff like this

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I have a small Lines Brothers early Minic car from the 30's , made in the UK which has a 0.77" outer wheelbase so would think that would work on it lol 

But I think what would possibly the most cost effective way for you to go is to actually buy ANOTHER similar toy set and use the loco on both?


For $70 you get another track and a train to play with

For $50 you get this one ?

However there are LOTS of small clockworks from the 30's to 60's ( and on really) that could fit the bill

Clockwork guys have a spring in their step!

I have several of these I have bought separately. Try searching for "futuramic train"

futuramic streamliner complete futuramic streamliner complete futuramic streamliner complete

for substitutes, probably the closest in width and height are the Technofix trolleys.

carnival trolleytrolley pair

unfortunately, the smaller Marx m10000 streamliner or  376 freight set (and disney train) and Ranger Steel freight sets are a little too skinny to track properly. 

Jim O'C

Upstate NY/So VT


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