train murals on buildings....

From a hobby shop that used to be in Dormont, PA.  I believe they now share a building with a stereo / TV store.

I took this...saved you another Google Image search.

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I took the first two photos in Bluefield, WV in 2014. The location is downtown about a block from the rail yard. The last shot, taken in 2015, was a work in progress on a building across from the Virginian Museum in Princeton, WV.



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This is a mural that was done as a tribute to Frank the Trainman in San Diego. The mural was not part of the original building that stood at this location, the new building was built by Mission Fed Credit Union. The mural was done by a local artist with the help of students from what was Roosevelt Junior High at that time. However in the upper right corner is the original animated neon sign that was part of the original building. The neon sign is supposedly the 4th oldest animated neon sign in the country. Can't say that this is true but I have been told that it is considered a historical landmark.

Almost willing to bet that any train nut in San Diego is familiar with this building, a few of us might even remember the original building and Frank.

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Tim of Tim's Trains used to run the train department at Johnny's Toys in Latonia.  The new shop is about a mile north of the old Johnny's store (now closed).  Tim's is mostly an HO shop with very little 3-rail.  They do get some consignment sales every once in a while along with the occasional estate.  The store is a very good source for paint, glue, scenery supplies, Miniatronics stuff, etc.  The store staff is very helpful.


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