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Back in the late 80s and late 90s I visited a train/hobby store in PA north of Philly that was close to the river.  Looking at a map today I'm guessing it was near Croydon.  

In fact I sold some electronics boards (TAS SAW boards I think) to someone on this forum who worked there.

I'm headed up to Nicholas Smith Trains today and was wondering if this store I'm remembering is still open.

I remember going in the front door and having a huge selection of Lionel to the right side, going next door on the left where hobby/crafts were.

Anybody remember the name of the store and is it still in business?

I know it is a long shot but thought I'd ask.

Any other good multi scale train stores in the Philly/Del area to check out?

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@Gpritch posted:

The other shops mentioned are both very good, but not close to any river.

"Any other good multi scale train stores in the Philly/Del area to check out?"

(No river proximity mentioned with second inquiry of  ("...other good...").

Also, Doug's Trains on Philadelphia Pike in Claymont, DE.    Small store but has a wide variety of speciality tools, blades, drills, adhesives, fasteners, wood & brass shapes and new & used O gauge track  plus the latest OGR in the magazine rack.  Heavy stock of HO brass.  Bonus, it's only a half mile from the Delaware River.

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