Texas is quite reasonable on custom license plates, and it offers a very large number of plate designs.  The plate design costs $25 extra and the custom letters/numbers cost $40 extra.  This is on top of the $60 annual fee for the registration.  All Texas plates are automatically renewed every three or four years at no extra cost, to keep the reflective surface and the holograms (in the Scotchlite) in good condition.

I have a God Bless Texas plate with a Lone Star Flag and custom lettering MTNST (empty nest) on the Suburban which cost $125, and my wife has a Bluebonnet (state flower) plate on her car, no special lettering, at $85 yearly.

You can get all major texas university plates, and also some out of state universities.  I have seen a couple of University of Oklahoma Texas plates.  That's similar to the one pictured earlier with the New York Yankees frame in Massachusetts.  Brave souls, but Texans are generally friendly about things like this, especially during any year following a UT victory over OU in football.

Railroad themed plates?  Texas is not the place where they are most common.  Maybe I should change mine to ATSF YALL or TX CHIEF or MR P&SF or PLAINS DIV.



Superintendent, High Plains Division (O Gauge) 

The Panhandle & Santa Fe Railway Co.

Lone Star Hi-Railers

Santa Fe, All the Way

NCJOE we have the PA RR plate on both my wife’s car and my truck. Nice plate. 


PRRT&HS #8473

N&W HS  #5825

State College, PA

"And the sons of Pullman Porters, and the sons of Engineers

   Ride their father's magic carpet made of steel"

    "This train got the disappearing railroad blues"


TomlinsonRunRR posted:
Richie C. posted:

Too cheap to pay the $80 per year fee in Mass but I did spring for this holder...PLATE

Nice alternative/compromise, Richie!  I'll keep my eyes out for you on the local roads if you are ever in the MetroWest area :-).

I'm on the Northshore (temptingly close to Charles Ro and Northeast Trains), but frequently in the MetroWest area to visit my daughter and grandkids so keep those eyes out.  

Bob posted:

I just saw this thread.  Here's mine:


plate 4

Trains and sci-fi go hand in hand. I remember many years ago, going to a sci-fi convention and running into some train buffs. We spent most of the day talking trains, to the baffled looks of passers-by.

One of those guys is one my best friends, over 30 years later!

As for license plates in general, personalized plates are insanely expensive in my state and you have to pay that really high fee every single year, so they're not that common here.

OK, this post is a bit of a stretch but it *is* subway and commuter rail related.  Here's a photo taken today of a "T" license plate on what I'm guessing is a generator or air compressor.  This plate appears on city buses and on cars for "The Ride" -- some sort of an automobile service to fill in where the transit system (trains; subway i.e.,"The T"; and buses) don't go. 

This photo was taken in Ayer, Massachusetts on the north side of Pan Am (Guilford)/Norfolk Southern double tracks that support both the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) commuter rail and the aforementioned freight lines.  There's something interesting going on along those tracks, which I'll post separately under Real Trains.

The Ingersoll-Rand tow-able whateveritis has single axle trailer-style tires and front and rear rail wheels, so it clearly can ride the rails. Notice the blue speck in the distance in the shot below. The bonus surprise is a leased CIT engine 3809, a GP38-3:

Here's the CIT parked on a siding while the commuter rail heads west toward the Ayer platform.

While this plate isn't a vanity plate per se, it is subway/commuter rail MOW related, which got me poking around the internet. The MBTA plate also came in the prior green color (internet photo):

The Massachusetts Transit Authority, which predated the MBTA, had an austere black plate -- almost Puritanical (internet):

Lastly, the Transit Police have their own plates.  Here's number one (internet) and an example of a transit police car (Wikipedia) with an updated version:

Got any transit or transit police plates to post from your neck of the woods?

Tomlinson Run Railroad


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It looks like the locense holder with the caboose on it is available on the Bay for $9.95. Search for CafePress "railroad license holder".  Other sites, including CafePress itself, are charging double that. That is an amazing caboose restoration! Thanks for posting the photos.


Somewhere in my stuff, I have a Washington, DC (WMATA) bicentennial bus tag from a bus in a junkyard. Sorry, no photos of it.

Also at one time I had a VW bus with the MD (MU CAR) plate below:


MU CAR referred to multiple-unit cars such as the PRR MP-54.

The CA plate was the first plate that was issued in my name.

Later Gator,



Here comes a Yankee with a blackened soul,
Heading to Gatow with a load of coal.
......Anonymous U. S. pilot during the Berlin Airlift


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Jeff B. Haertlein posted:

In Wisconsin our custom plates are around $95 and now it sounds like they are going up. My plate is GNX 582.....that's my caboose number and reporting marks. I'd also like to investigate the plate holder as shown in this posting. Anyone know of the source?

Also on Amazon for $9.95, plus free shipping for Prime members.

They also have a number of other interesting train-related license plate holders, including a couple of model railroad ones.



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