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I have a situation where sometimes one of my engines (not always the same one, I have seen it happen with at least two engines) that is running suddenly speeds up to the limit.  To stop everything, I have to shut the Z4000.

Just happened now with only that engine running (three others are on their tracks, but not started).  Sometimes it occurs when other engines are running (2, 3, or all 4 I have), but this comes out of nowhere.

On the app, the Emergency button did not work.

I have never been able to determine root cause.  Any suggestions?

using Z4000, TIU Rev H2, all four engines are MTH Premier PS2 or PS3.  Have four tracks in all, using AtlasO with several Atlas O switches.

I wired one side of the layout with one TIU output, the other side with the other TIU output and have the center rails isolated to create several sections with one wired connection to each section of track. 

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Is it the active engine, that is, the one you are controlling at the time that speeds up?  That happened to me until I realized that I accidentally hit the 120 mph point on the speed setting.  I meant to hit the “+” and it is so close to the 120, that I hit the latter by accident, or even just holding the device I managed to hit that point.  I’ve learned that anytime I add a locomotive, I set the maximum speed for that loco to about 60mph or so.  That effectively disables anything above that speed so accidents like crazy speeds don’t happen.

This time only one active engine was running and at only 4 mph.  Other times there may have been several engines active and moving but I don't believe it was always the active engine that I was operating on the remote that ran out of control.

This has happened with the old hand held remote and the new wifi and iphone app.  While I don't think it was me hitting the speedometer around 120, your suggestion is good practice and I will set limits on each engine speed.

Also, the 'E' button did nothing on the app with this last occurrence.

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