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As Ben mentioned should have had a heat set on Ben. Our initial tests went well but that pretty much would have helped him hear you. A direct microphone and headset would have quieted the 15 trains running at one time. Unfortunately he got drowned out a bit.

Second, like Ben indicated we are going to upgrade all the cameras and Wi-Fi to a better leash network to greatly improve / solve that issue.

We are already planning/ preparing improvements based on yesterday.


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@SIRT posted:

Basically, I got reassured that things will carry on. Seems there will be lots of new items and surprises down the road. Kunkle always has a newly tooled car up his sleeve, LOL!

Catalogs seem like a costly thing of the past. I prefer the special runs making the product more appealing from each region or dealer!  I see requested items offered by my/our requests lately using that strategy.

Last of the MTH catalog products concerning the PS3 boards explains the delays.

Thanks Ken and crew for providing us with the latest scoop!

Doesn't need to go as far as a "newly tooled car", how about just sticking with old tooled trucks & couplers.

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