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I am looking for the names of two female members of the forum who passed away. One lived in Utah and I believe her first name was LisaMarie. The second was from Europe and had the handle NQDY or similar. Both passed away earlier than 2015. Rich and I were trying to remember their names today for the memorial board.  Can anyone help?

(OK first post in awhile and I am sure it's the wrong forum   But hey I blame Rich.)

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I think it was spelled Tahtaharus but I could be wrong too. I think you are correct that she lived in Utah. She was into 2 rail. Many years ago we exchanged emails. I made her a tape of SP Cab-Forwards. Very nice lady. I miss here too.

Nicole’s handle was N.Q.D.Y.    I distinctly remember she had the periods between the letters. Another really nice lady. I enjoyed her posts.

I think the memorial section was an incredibly good idea by Marty but I have a couple of questions because I had already thought about sponsoring one or two of the above ladies. I know have Lisa Marie’s last name written down somewhere and I wanted to look it up.

How much does it cost to sponsor someone? And is it something you have to pay every year or a one time payment?

Dave, I think you and GN Man got the spelling right. It just looks right to me.

Oh wow! I forgot about Hugo. What a great guy. I have a DVD that he sent me where he got a cab ride on a big UP locomotive. The picture quality isn’t all the great but you see him with a big smile on his face on the front of the locomotive. One time while he was in the states I was in a train club I drove him to the club to see the layout. A really nice guy. I miss him as well.

@Dave45681 posted:

Unless it was spelled wrong back then, this spelling was previous discussions : Lisa Marie Tahtaras.  (and while I would struggle to have come up with it from scratch by memory, it looks most familiar to me with that spelling, but I could be wrong too).

Thread here.


Thanks Dave, that is it. I found her obituary, she passed in 2010.  She had a nice stud rail layout and I think was doing 2-Rail as well

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