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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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Hello all

October 1946 a new gauge was born in the American Model Railroading world. Joyce Harold of Hartford Indiana introduced his 1/10" scale TT ( table top) gauge ....the smallest commercially available gauge.
The initial TT pieces were cutting edge railroad technology EMD E7 and a string of gleaming aluminum streamlined passenger cars. Modelers in other gauges would have to wait years to duplicate a similar set.
HP Products would expand adding a full line of steam engines , freight cars...but the E7 would be their only diesel. Lack of ready made sectional track would be one of the down falls of American TT ... the European TT market opened by the mid 1950's with more RTR products and continues today.
HP Products would fade from the model train world in the early 1960's ...but still in business as a metal stamping company today.
Please see link for HP Products Super Chief and Twentieth Century in action .

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I think American prototype TT scale would quickly gain in popularity and possibly become the next big fad in the hobby (comparable to the On30 fad prompted by Bachmann) if a manufacturer/importer capable of producing top quality models introduced a comprehensive line of product.

Properly done, the product line would have attractive advantages as the line could use Microtrains and equivalent N scale couplers, low profile wheels, run (and look good on) c55 or c65 track and feature standard curve radius sizes like 15”,  18”, and 22” and #5 and #7 (or 7.5) degree turnouts.

TT scale mechanisms in both steam and diesel locomotives would be smooth running and could easily combine the best technology from both N and HO scales. N scale decoders would easily adapt to TT, and large, six-axle diesels and big steam locomotives could easily be engineered to run well and look good negotiating 18” radius curves, and the same could be said for modern era auto racks, full length scale passenger cars, and other longer, high clearance equipment.

For people over 55, TT would be a scale that combined the best advantages of both HO and N scale, and be a great choice for a retirement-aged N scale modeler who is perhaps starting to have trouble seeing well, or a similarly aged HO modeler who is wondering about downsizing from a basement-sized layout and confronting a retirement aged modeling space that is more akin to a typical spare bedroom.

Jeff C

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