The TTOS National Convention is going on now at:

Tyson's Corner Sheraton Hotel

8661 Leesburg Place, Vienna, Virginia, 800-325-3535


 Train Show is Friday, August 3, and Saturday, August 4, 2018 inside the Fairfax Ballroom

Times are:

Friday, August 3, 9am to 11am open to the Conventioneers only then 11am to 3:00 pm open to the public

Saturday, August 4, 9am to 2 pm

Both days will have raffle drawings at the end of each day.


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NOT LionelLLC posted:


What car is that?  On-site car or banquet car?  Looks like an MTH body, but did it come from MTH decorated that way or is it repainted/redecorated by TTOS?


Stu, TTOS redecorated their 2014 Convention Car into a 2018 Banquet Car.  Per TTOS this is the only 2018 Convention Offering.  I believe very few were made.  The prototype is shown below.  I like the homemade cars as they have a story behind them.  

All TTOS VA Convention Exclusives are pictured below:

TTOS 2018 Nat. Conv. Banquet Car [3)TTOS 2018 Nat. Conv. Banquet Car Prototype [1)TTOS 2018 VA Convention Banquet Centerpiece [6)


TCA, LCCA, TTOS, NASG, MTHRRC, The Carolwood Society


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